Unlimited food is the best food - Seven Hills Star Buffet


For $25.80 on a Friday night (excluding drinks), eating at the Star Buffet at Seven Hills is totally worth it (if you can eat your money’s worth that is). 

If you are placed close to the buffet as well as the sushi train as I was, it is faster and easier to get your food. Also faster to get full because all the food is so close by! There was a number of food stations including seafood and salad, a soup/hot/carvery station, Oriental, Chinese BBQ, sushi, and desserts. To get a glimpse of the food offered, click here.

Since I only ate special fried rice, Chinese BBQ pork, prawns, mussels, sushi, and some dessert I can only comment on them.

The special fried rice and BBQ pork was great, better than your average food court quality, but not as good as if you eat it right after being cooked. I would give it a 7.5/10 because it’s better than most restaurants I’ve tried. Would have received a slightly higher rating if it was a bit warmer!

The seafood I ate was pretty fresh and the quality was great. The prawns were dark, juicy, and very tasteful (I don’t know how to identify good prawns, but these particular ones were yummmmy). The mussels were also good, but didn’t have as much taste as the prawns. All I can say is that they were big and contained a lot of “meat”. I might be a little biased because I love seafood but I give the prawns and mussels 8/10.

Now let’s talk about the sushi. I wouldn’t say that there was a wide range but I will say they tasted better than some of the sushi restaurants/trains I’ve been to. The sashimi of the other hand varied. Some of the plates I got were fresh, and some were average quality. It may have been because they were there for a long time, but I don’t know. In general I give them a 8/10 due to the differences in quality — don’t get me wrong though, most still tasted great.


Due to my inability to eat a lot of food sometimes, I didn’t get to try the other dishes from different stations. I did make room for dessert however — I don’t like missing out on dessert when at a buffet, it seems like a waste of money to me!

There was a variety of desserts offered from fruits to cake but my brother and I chose to stick with chocolate because it’s sweet and the complete opposite to the other food we ate.

I’ll simply rate them:

  • Homemade cookies: 5/10 because sadly I found them too dry but the flavour was good
  • Chocolate cake: 6/10 because that was dry too in my opinion
  • Tiramisu (?): 7/10 because it was simple but tasty
  • Chocolate dipped marshmallows: 8/10 because who doesn’t love chocolate dipped marshmallows? You also got to coat the marshmallow by yourself in a chocolate fountain!
  • Waffles with whipped cream: 9/10! They were deliciously moist on the inside and toasted on the outside. Adding condensed milk on top also made it more interesting.


Overall I was pleased with the quality and range of food! Considering that I ate a lot, I would say that’s it’s totally worth coming here if you have a big appetite. If not, you might want to reconsider!

Check out Seven Hills Star Buffet.


Lots o’ love,

Dogs are really a man’s best friend!

During my daily Facebook rummaging I noticed this video on my news feed. Since it has a dog in it, I just had to watch.

It seems that the mother was pretending to hit the child - and other sources say that she was training the dogs. I couldn’t find the original source so I’m just going off from what the majority of the people say and what seems to be happening in the video.

Even though the mother was acting, these dogs definitely weren’t.

I find it amazing how the lighter coloured dog faces the mother up close, hiding the child behind itself. It is also remarkable how they don’t forcibly attack her, since she is their owner too. However, when needed, these dogs will do what they can to protect the child. As the mother got closer to hitting the toddler, one of the dogs seemingly had no other option but to bite her arm. The mother was lucky enough not to be attacked in the face! With big dogs like that, they could’ve caused some serious damage.

This video reminded me of my dog, Pipoy. He’s a much smaller dog - A Shih-tzu to be exact, so I don’t think he’d be able to protect me as much, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Pipoy doesn’t do much other than eat, excrete waste, and sleep, so the fact that he’s bothered to protect me is pretty awesome.

My mum likes to tease my dog and pretends to slap me at times because she gets bored. Once I start screaming, or start pretending to get hurt, he starts barking at my mum - but he hardly attacks her because let’s face it, he knows that she won’t hurt me. Even in the morning when my mum enters my room and starts calling my name, or goes close to my bed, he starts barking at her and wont let her go near me. 

I love my dog - he’s quite annoying at times but he’s still awesome!

Lots o’ love,

Pocket rocket Abigail!

Around one month ago I saw a commercial for The Voice Kids and noticed a girl who looked really familiar. She turned out to be my second cousin, Abigail.

To be honest, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have started watching the show because I believed that all their voices would sound the same. I was wrong (for some of them). Some of the kids totally blew my mind! But back to Abigail, I thought she was awesome! My mum said she was a shy kid but her audition proved that her shyness didn’t affect her voice at all! 

Check out Abigail’s audition with Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State of Mind’:


The Voice Kids AU

I went to a friend’s house a few days after that episode and one of the people there mentioned her. They thought she was amazing and even asked for autographs! One even said that he would pay for her to sing at their birthday party. I’m not sure if they were serious about the autographs and all, but at the age of 9, she’s already pretty damn successful! On that night, I also found out that one of my friends’ was related to her too. We were mind blown.

For the battles, unfortunately Abigail didn’t get through to the next round, but I think she did a great job with Ruhi and Chloe on the song ‘Halo’ by Beyonce. There were 3 great voices put into one battle, and Mel just lost two of them. Hopefully she didn’t OR doesn’t regret that decision!

Check out the battle:


The Voice Kids AU

Since Abigail is gone from the competition, I now will only be rooting for Ruhi because his voice is so amazing! I’m not too sure of the other kids because I don’t remember their names!

I’ll be sure to watch again soon.

Lots o’ love,

Keep your eyes on the road!


Advertising agency: Ogilvy


I came across this ad from Volkswagen when a family member posted it onto our family Facebook group page. Since we have many tech-savvy teenagers in the family beginning to get their license, it was a good way to show the consequences of using your phone whilst driving.

Being a communication student I was interested in the concept and looked for more information about it. Sadly I didn’t find much — I just found the same basic stuff. Maybe I’m not looking in the right areas, but hey, I tried!


The cinema ad shows that being distracted even for one second whilst driving can result in serious consequences. When you are unaware of what’s on the road, you are unaware of what lies ahead. This being hazards, danger, and even including losing one’s life.

It consists of a POV camera angle from inside a vehicle where the audience experiences being the driver. A couple of seconds of the ad being played, a text is sent to every person in the room and as soon as they begin to check it, they are shocked with events on the screen.

From my understanding, the movie theatre was equipped with technology that allowed to send a mass text to everyone in the room. I thought it was awesome! What I did find weird though was that the majority of the people in the cinema didn’t turn their phone off, or put it on silent at the least… Were they automatically turned on for the advertising “stunt”, or do people in China have no rules about mobile phones? That’s something I would like to know.

Just remember this: Calls and texts can wait!

Would you risk your life just to reply to a “Hey”?

Lots o’ love,